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Orc v High Elves AAR 2014-10-24

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Due to a string of confusing events Ben and I played Warmaster at mine on Friday 24th.

For a change we decided to have a blind set up, simply put the 8' table was broken into 6 x 30cm sections and we wrote down the units which would arrive in that sector, with some adjustment to allow for the opposing army, within that sector.

I opened entirely on the right flank covering 4 sectors with cavalry at each flank, whilst Ben put the troops in the centre again with cavalry on each flank covering 4 of the 8 sectors.

This was a big plus to the game, as Ben said he deployed his army with thought rather than reaction it also meant you could end up facing an empty table half initiating some redeployment.

I won the roll for first move and took it deploying my flanks successfully and as usual my Crown of command moving my trolls, and my next command failing.

Magic was used to push Ben's bolt throwers off the table disorganising his harpies en route

Ben moved his flanks but his centre declined. In my second turn all units advanced and being unable to attack his cavalry on the right my boys charged into the archers they could see leaving us in this position.

After four hours of play we came to a conclusion, as seen below. The game had swung both ways but final victory was Ben's and well deserved too.

We played a number of rules correctly that we hadn't previously, always learning one of the joys of gaming, keep the brain alive.

In the first picture you will note that 3 of the 4 Orc brigades are not in a straight line but are angled against each other to mitigate against offering a tasty flank.

This was a result of reading the rules book, which states brigades MUST finish in contact with each other, but contact as shown in the rear of the book can be as little as a corner.

We also employed the 'reform' at the end of the combat phase, rolling off to see who reformed first. In the past this has been incorrectly done at the conclusion of each combat and only by the turn player.

Contribution comment from Ben and his army lst.

Thanks for uploading this - no one was as surprised with my win as myself!

I think it was only 6`, but yes, that quick doodle at the beginning really was interesting and helped me move away from the Warhammer style "I go you go" formation placement where the temptation is to just put everything in a long, thin line.

180 - 3 Spearmen
300 - 4 Archers
220 - 2 Silver Helms
300 - 3 Reavers
70 - 1 Giant Eagles
65 - 1 Elven Bolt Thrower
180 - 1 General
80 - 1 Hero
90 - 1 Wizard
1485 - 14/7

My army list

Yup it was 6 feet, corrected post

180 - 3 Orc Warriors
120 - 1 Black Orcs
90 - 3 Goblins
110 - 1 Trolls
450 - 4 Boar Riders
120 - 2 Wold Riders
95 - 1 General with
100 - Crown of command
160 - 2 Orc Hero
45 - Orc Shaman
30 - Goblin Shaman
10 - Sword of destruction
10 - Sword of Cleaving
1500 14/7

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