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OrkvChaos 2k, AAR 2015-05-22

Another rescued post as you will see I was in narrative mode.

Voidspinner aka Stormwind wanted to play an objective game, 2k points were agreed on either side the AAR follows.

Mork, or rather Mork’s voice as he should be called was the current leader of the Mourn Hills Orcs as he look about him he was pleased with what he saw, other small tribes had joined his and the tribe was now getting big enough for a small Waagh!
Get rid of some of the deadwood, be a chance to see if them that talked big could act big too, he thought, certainly like to see what Snotgut, and his goblin Shaman Deadhead were like in battle, they said they inspired the boys, words wus easy almost as easy as bashing but not as easy as commanding.
As luck would have it [such is the way with writing] just at that moment a wolf rider arrived, hot and agitated he grabbed a beer and meat from a nearby table drinking and munching he strode to Mork.
“We’s go trouble Boss, dem chaos blokes is massing down on the plains, dunno if they’s after du three ‘pointy ear skyprickers’ [obelisks] or wot, but…..”
“Dunt worry get the leaders here we’ll go bash ‘em anyways, we cud do with a scrap, sort out the newbies.”
The rider grinned and ran off.
So it was that Mork’s “Waagh!” readied for battle

Initial deployment, although I won the roll for table edge and fancied the middle hill for the rock lobbers, as is often the way I couldn't be bothered to move table sides and stayed where I’d sat earlier. I did put the rock lobbers centre table, to cover the central obelisk, with hindsight they’d have been better on the hill to my right.

Ork turn 1

Moving the left flank forwards, I advanced the cavalry 20 cm so I’d be able to make a 2[sup]nd[/sup] command then failed the roll. The ork shaman moved the adjacent gobos into the woods.
The right flank led by newbie, Snotgut refused to move, his wizard was equally useless, but you don’t expect a lot from a command of 6.
Mork then command the giant to advance, in his irritation he forgot to use the Crown of Command, failed the roll, the giant woke threw a boulder at the adjacent rock lobber that moved away [left], the other rock lobber moved out of it’s way and the trolls moved back. All were untroubled by this.
Mork commanded the shamans forwards the ork Shaman who moved his gobbos earlier successfully cast  Gerroff at the Chaos Warriors in front and pushed them back 25 cm off table, the Chaos Marauders behind moved right behind the other Chaos Warriors in the brigade [not confused], deviously the next shaman targeted those Chaos Warriors with Gerroff pushing them back 30 cm off table, the Marauders behind moved back to the original position and rolled a ‘6’, confused. Both looked expectantly at the new shaman, who rolled a 1. Mork shook his head this new leader and his Shaman were rubbish!

Position after Ork Turn 1

Chaos turn 1

Chaos rolled for the two off table Chaos Warriors one returned ready to move, the other returned and would move next time so we placed a confused marker next to it.
First command, was to the Chaos hounds who trotted forwards 20 cm, a second command to move them within 31 cm of the mixed boar and wolf riders brigade was failed, a blunder, result move forwards full pace to enemy, they were now just in initiative range.
The Chaos warlock moved the returned Chaos Warriors forwards twice so they were back where they had started in front of the confused unit. The Cavalry Warriors and Marauders was also successfully commanded towards the central obelisk, they were nearest and had possession.
The General chose to let the other warlock and his command of infantry stand to, guarding the third obelisk and commanded his cavalry brigade of two Warriors and two marauders forwards on his right flank, successfully moving them within 31 cm of the sleeping boar and wolf riders.
True to form the warlocks then leapt forwards and both successfully cast ‘Anger of the Gods’.

Position after Chaos Turn 1

Ork Turn 2

Ignoring the initiative as I wanted to ensure all or nothing hit the Chaos hounds I command them forwards, the 2nd unit of wolf boys had a flank view and joined in, The next command on a 6 [-1 AotG -1 terrain] moved the gobbos out of the trees and into the swamp. I now needed a 4 to move them to the next swamp [-1 AotG -1 terrain -20 cm enemy -1 2nd command still within 20 cm of command]. Rolling the 4 the gobbos moved to within 15 cm of the Chaos cavalry and were closest to the swamp.
Turning to the right flank Snotgut failed and the cavalry carried on sleeping.
Left with the rest of the army to command the General using CofC pushed the giant forwards and then failed his next command roll. TBH I wasn't getting the movement I wanted.
The Shamans moved, 1 failed to cast Waaagh! on Boarboys in combat, the central one cast Gerroff at the Mounted Marauders and blew them against the swamp, not confused, the goblins fired at them too but the 1 hit was saved. Snotgut’s shaman on the right flank rolled another 1.
In the melee on the left flank the first round went to the Orks, the boar boys held whilst the wolf riders pursued, in the end, 1 stand of Chaos hounds was left between two stands of Wolf boys and the three of boar boys. Yes I should have thrown the boar boys in but I’d have lost a stand.
Repositioning the combatants I awaited the onslaught from the Chaos left flank on my right.

Position after Ork turn 2

Chaos turn 2

Harpies ‘Home backed’ to the command on their right flank. Chaos hounds initiative charged the wolf riders.
Chaos Warriors that had been inactive now moved up to re-join their brigade, [net movement zero] the Cavalry in the centre failed its command. The general command the Mounted knights and Marauders towards the boar and wolf riders, and charged them in on the 2nd command. The harpies failed their command to fly in behind the Boar boys.
The mages cast ‘AotG’ again and combat commenced.
The wolf riders made short work of the chaos hounds [The wolf riders constantly got more hits than the boar riders. On the other flank, after two rounds of melee the Marauders had lost two stands, the knights 1, and there was nothing left of orks.
As he was unable to throw the full weight of his knights at the goblin flank, Stormwind/Voidspinner prepared them for assault in turn three,

Position after Chaos turn 2

Ork Turn 3

The goblins in the centre initiative charged the mounted marauders.
The wolves on the right were commanded back to the obelisk, just in case the harpies flew there.
Ignoring Snotgut, the general using CoC command the brigade to reform and face the incoming cavalry. The on a 7 commands the trolls to the battle, having skirted the orc brigade and needing a 5 they were sent into combat against the marauders.
Pushing my luck the giant was moved towards the rear marauders who were in contact with the hill a 2nd successful roll saw him make contact. Not sure if I tried to command another unit but none moved.
The shamans gathered together to cast Waagh! on the goblins fighting the mounted marauders, success on the 2nd cast. So not needing Snotgut’s shaman he was tasked to cast Gerroff elsewhere but rolled a 1 again.
Melee the goblins died, but did take a stand of mounted marauders with them.
The giant’s 12 attacks against the mounted marauders 1, and they fell back destroyed into the cliff, the giant charged against the Chaos Knights flank.
The troll were disadvantaged against the marauders they could only get one stand in contact, however they destroyed them at the loss of a stand and moved against the two stands of knights.
At this point Chaos had reached his break point and the game ended.

The final combat

The final disposition end Ork turn 3

Back at his tribal village Mork sat eating the celebratory meal, looking at Snotgut’s head and that of the shaman that now adorned the Ork’s totemic pillar.
Mork grinned, they were definitely inspiring more troops now than they had done before.

Two hours of game play.

Chaos Right Flank with the Chaos units at table edge having been blown back

and the left flank, I hadn't seen the harpies on the central hill so didn't photo them, but they can be seen in location on first picture.

Ork right flank, the infamous Snotgut.

the centre with disrupted Trolls and rock lobbers

The left flank

I think you can clearly see scattered over the board the pink dice of power that my opponents claim roll to command; I want a three I get a three.

TBH I think I play aggressively and chance all, my opponents may be cautious or my style might make them so, but some of the times I get the rolls and often don't. I wont deny I often roll the number needed when I chance, and opponents forget when I don't, but I'd like to think I have a plan rather than rely on luck.

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